North Attleboro, Massachusetts Youth Lacrosse Organization started in Fall 2012; NA Big Red Lax. Girl's lacrosse and boy's lacrosse will be played at NAHS, 1 Wilson Whitty Way, North Attleboro, MA. North Big Red Lax is affiliated with MBYLL, MBGLL

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Coaching Information
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Coaching Information
by Gideon Gaudette posted 12/5/2017

Who coaches in MBYLL?

There is a wide variety of coaching backgrounds in MBYLL. Anyone can coach a youth lacrosse team and MBYLL provides support, education, training, and certification to specifically help new coaches and to retrain returning ones. Every town has different tactics for recruiting volunteer (and paid) coaches. Whether or not you are a parent, whether or not you have playing experience, whether or not you’ve coached youth sports before, all are welcome and encouraged to give back to their community through coaching or managing youth sports and helping to grow lacrosse in Massachusetts by being a positive role model and a teacher of this game as well as the game of life.


What is the MBYLL Coaching Education Certification?

MBYLL encourages all but requires at least one coach per MBYLL Classic team and all coaches for Mass Bay Select teams to receive Coaching Education Certification. CED Certification lasts two years and certified coaches receive a badge which is to be worn at all times during MBYLL events. Coaches who are MBYLL certified take multiple online courses with a curriculum that focuses on rules, strategies, fundamentals, teaching, positive behavior, health and safety issues, as well as teaching proper physicality techniques. In addition to the online courses, coaches seeking certification are required to attend an MBYLL-sponsored coaching clinic every two years for a review of the online curriculum as well as a presentation of new and updated drills, theories, rules, and league policies.


CORI Certification of Volunteer Coaches:

Massachusetts requires all youth sports organizations to complete CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information) checks on all volunteer coaches.  The checks must be done by a city/town department or person in your organization who is certified by the CHSB (Criminal History Systems Board) to do CORI Checks.

We strongly encourage each of our member organizations to check with their Recreation Departments to see if they will provide CORI checks of the volunteer coaches in the city/town or if another department provides that service.  


If your organization is unable to find a city/town department that will provide this service, you must identify a person in your organization that will become certified to do the checks.  That person should visit this website: and fill out an application to get certified.


Please allow 6 weeks for the certification process to complete.

Mobile Apps

Useful App for Coaches and Admins

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